Edmonton Specifier - Article Contest

Specifier CONTEST

·       Prize Draw Worth $500.00

·       Contest will Run from October 2014 to May 2015

·       Contest Draw will be taking place at the Annual Chapter Meeting

What makes a Specifier Article

  1.         Locally generated article – either written by a CSC member or an associate of a member.  Alternatively, it can be an article from a local Edmonton periodical.
  2.        Must not be proprietary.  We are looking for articles that are of general interest to all CSC members, not specific product/services advertisements, or general “chest puffing.”
  3.         Must be of general interest to the CSC membership.
  4.        All Edmonton CSC Members are eligible to participate in contest, including executive mebers.
  5.        Two Submissions are permitted per person per month

Contest Rules:

  •          One locally sourced article as accepted by Specifier's Editors (1 draw ticket)
  •          One personally written article (2 draw tickets)



Draw Ticket

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